Being a teen — and the parent of a teen — isn’t easy.  It’s hard to know where and when to go for help. I help adolescents develop emotional maturity, self-confidence, positive coping strategies and strong decision-making skills so parents can have peace of mind.

Teens can benefit from counseling if:

  • They are struggling with frequent sadness or worry
  • They are harming themselves or others
  • They are struggling to cope with everyday stress or difficult life events
  • They are engaging in unsafe behaviors with drugs or alcohol
  • They have low self-worth
  • They are having panic attacks
  • They are growing distant from family or friends
  • They’re expressing hopelessness

Oftentimes, parents worry that their teen won’t talk to me. I’m experienced at making teens feel comfortable with me so they can use therapy in the most effective ways possible.

Not sure if your adolescent needs counseling? I can provide a thorough assessment and give recommendations for whether therapy is appropriate.

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