What To Expect: The Stone Cottage Counseling Way

Most people new to psychotherapy wonder what to expect. Transparency is an important value to Dana, so here’s your answer: When Dana meets a new client, her first and most important job is to understand your experiences, strengths, values, and hopes for the future so that she can be helpful to you.
Because each person and family is different, cookie cutter therapy doesn’t typically work. So Dana listens closely, asks lots of questions, and collaborates with you to figure out what may be useful in a session, a season, or an entire course of therapy. Some people want and need strategies for specific anxiety triggers. Or you may want help shifting old patterns in how you feel or think about yourself. Others want help with communicating about difficult topics with family, friends, or colleagues. Others come to counseling at a time of discernment about work or relationships. Others are looking for support during a time of transition, grief or loss, or “stuckness.”
No matter your reason for seeking therapy, you are welcome here. 
As a licensed therapist, Dana is committed to treating all clients respectfully, listening deeply to your questions and concerns, and valuing your own wisdom about your life – what’s worked for you in the past, and what you want to work differently in the future. Dana recognizes that our struggles don’t usually have simple answers (if only!) – and that each of our lives are deeply impacted by culture, society, race, gender, and class. Dana is committed to asking you important questions and providing resources to help you narrow the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
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